Results after using new training gear

The last time we heard from Dan Farnsworth he was qualifying for Boston after using the Race-Rx Cardio PR formula.

Dan recently sent us another update on his racing which we thought we would share with our readers:

I’ve continued to use Race-Rx Cardio as my main training piece. By the way, I am a 52 year-old grandpa.

I continue to see amazing results! My times with our Ragnar Relay team were significantly improved over last year.

My results for the TOU Half were a PR for me over last year, same race, of 20 minutes!!

Last year I was over an 8:30 pace. I guess I can’t complain with a 7:10 pace and 20 minute PR/improvement.

I came in 74/2000 runners and placed 4th in my age category.

Way to go Dan!

Even his nephew joined him because his xbox was bricked.

Dan is having fun, can you tell?

Many times we think as we age that our times have to slow.  Dan is proof that a well-designed program can actually improve your speed as you age.  Oftentimes, the quality of the program is more important than the age of the runner.