Microsoft is searching for talent for Kinect 2

Microsof out in the wild searching for developers.

Microsoft is now also looking for some talent to work with next generation hardware and software. A new job opening posted hints that Microsoft is in need of talented individuals who want to be part of the next generation in motion controlled gaming.

Other studios have already had feelers out there looking for some talent. Now Microsoft is hoping that there are some highly talented and motivated software engineers left. Microsoft appears ready to ramp up production on their Kinect 2 platform. Rumor has Microsoft unveiling the Kinect 2 alongside the Xbox 720 which could come as early as March 2013, or as late as June at E3 2013. The job posting can be found on Microsoft site here.

The job listing reads: If you want a comfortable, standard-role job at Microsoft with no ambiguity or risk, please dont apply. But if youre passionate about the potential for Kinect to continue to revolutionize entertainment and are a seasoned software engineer with the skills to prototype and build the future of premium Kinect-powered experiences, we have a growing team of talented people who want to take entertainment into the future.

Potential employees wont know what projects they will be working on until after they accept the job offer. Given the sensitive nature of the information this isnt surprising. Not all of our ideas will fly. We will fail, and fail fast, on some projects. We will celebrate those failures because they are vital to making sure the right ideas take off in a big way.

Confidential sources have said many times that the Xbox 720 is planned for a 2013 launch in the fall. Despite recent rumors that it could be delayed, Microsoft is preparing for a fall launch. Some sites insist there will be more than one next generation Xbox, which we feel is not going to be conductive to the gaming landscape.

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